Coltura continues to make an impact by helping America escape “The Gas Trap”

Since 2015, Coltura has made a significant impact on both policy and culture.

Building and leading diverse coalitions, Coltura has been a driving force in policies - including a 2035 gasoline car phaseout order in California and Clean Cars 2030 legislation in Washington State.

Groundbreaking polls, articles, reports, research and law review articles have laid the foundation for innovative policies around the country.

From a music video about breaking up with gasoline to a webinar on citizen advocacy for city fleet electrification, Coltura has a wide range of initiatives aimed at changing the culture around gasoline.


Coltura's past achievements


Built and led a diverse coalition of more than 40 organizations, including the electrical workers union (IBEW), environmental organizations, consumer organizations, EV drivers, EV businesses, and health organizations in 2020 to PASS SB 5811 — a bill enabling Washington state to join the ZEV Program (requiring automakers to stock a certain percent of zero emission vehicles).

Published a law review article on the legal path for states to require that all new vehicles sold after a certain date be electric vehicles. This legal analysis was used in drafting the Clean Cars 2030 bill in Washington. A summary is here.

Worked with our Washington state coalition to advance legislation that passed as a bill budgeting $450,000 to study phasing out sales of new gasoline vehicles for public fleets starting 2025.

Worked with our California coalition to advance legislation that passed as a California budget bill including $1.5 million to study strategies to transition to zero emission vehicles.


Coltura has led the transition off gasoline in additional ways, including:

  • Published the first op eds (here and here) in summer of 2017 calling for California and Washington to phase out sales of new gasoline vehicles.
  • Formed the first coalitions in Washington and California dedicated to phasing out gasoline.
  • Hosted the first US gathering of leaders from around the world to discuss global gasoline vehicle phaseouts.
  • Wrote the first law review article and conference paper about a path for states to get past federal legal hurdles to pass vehicle electrification laws.
  • Wrote the first report in Washington on the status of public fleet vehicle electrification.
  • Created the first music video about breaking up with gasoline.
  • Hosted the first webinar on citizen advocacy for city fleet electrification.

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