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A Gasoline-free America before 2040.


To improve climate, health and equity by accelerating the switch from gasoline and diesel to cleaner alternatives.

Our Methods

About Coltura

That open new legal and political pathways for accelerating the transition.

About Coltura

To open policy and capital pathways to cut gasoline use.

About Coltura

Advancing gasoline reduction and vehicle electrification policies and measures.

About Coltura
Arm Leaders and Advocates

With policies, data and tools to reduce gasoline use.

About Coltura
Change the Conversation

Around gasoline througn social media, art, music, books and other cultural means.

What drives our work

Eliminating Gasoline Demand:
We advance state and federal policies ending sales of new gas-powered cars by 2030 and prioritizing the switch to EVs of the biggest gasoline users -- especially those who are low/middle income.

Restricting Gasoline Supply:
We identify the harmful impacts of gas stations and gasoline on neighboring communities and help people advocate for solutions.

Changing Gasoline Culture:
We curate and cultivate stories, art, music and social media to raise awareness of the health, climate and equity impacts of gasoline and diesel and mobilize demand for cleaner alternatives.


Clean air, a livable planet, and affordable mobility.

We can make this happen by making a rapid shift from gasoline to cleaner alternatives.

Coltura changes policy and culture to accelerate this shift.

Coltura's Impact

Since 2015, Coltura has made a significant impact on gasoline policy and culture

Building and leading diverse coalitions, Coltura has been a driving force in gasoline reduction policies, including:

  • a 2035 gasoline car phaseout mandate in California; 
  • a Washington law setting a 2030 target for new light duty vehicles to be electric and mandating all-of-government planning to achieve that target; 
  • a Washington study of gasoline superusers being used to determine that state’s EV incentive policy; 
  • a California bill that would have provided an added EV incentive to lower-income gasoline superusers; 
  • and a Vermont law enabling a utility to incentivize superusers to switch to EVs.

Coltura’s groundbreaking research, data tools, polls, articles, reports, papers and law review articles have laid the foundation for innovative policies around the country.

From the first ever children’s storybook about the harms of gasoline to a gasoline-breakup music video to performance art to social media campaigns, Coltura uses multiple approaches to change the culture and narratives around gasoline.

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