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2022 Coltura Press

Herald Net, 9/2/22: Editorial: Rebates, rules and the road to electric vehicles

Seattle Times, 8/27/22: Inside the strange alliance that’s making WA ban on gas cars possible

Seattle Times, 8/25/22: WA will ban new gas-powered cars by 2035, following California’s lead

Seattle Times, 8/9/22: What do climate provisions in the U.S. Senate bill mean for Washington state?

Green Car Reports, 8/4/22: Report: Waitlists and markups are keeping California EV incentives from those who need them

Grist, 8/1/22: Saying goodbye to the dangerous, alluring scent of gasoline

Financial Times, 7/24/22: US states divided over petrol stations as LA considers ban on new pumps

Coast Reporter, 7/21/22: What B.C. can learn from this Californian city’s fight to ban new gas stations

California City News, 7/21/22: The Next Big Climate Change Battle: Gas Stations

Planetizen, 7/14/22: Can Los Angeles Join the Anti-Gas Station Movement?

CBS News, 7/11/22: Proposal could ban new gas stations in LA, 6/30/22: LA may become the biggest city yet to ban new gas stations

KCRW, 6/29/22: No new gas stations in LA? Paul Koretz wants to make it happen, 6/28/22: Banning Construction of New Gas Stations in Los Angeles?

Drive, 6/27/22: Los Angeles one of many US cities proposing a ban on new fuel stations

Kron4, 6/23/22: Is it worth it to switch to an electric car?

Grist, 6/23/22: The push to ban new gas stations is coming to Los Angeles

EcoWatch, 6/23/22: Los Angeles Considers Ban on New Gas Stations

The Guardian, 6/22/22: Los Angeles may ban new gas stations to help combat climate emergency

The Guardian, 6/21/22: Cities are banning new gas stations. More should join them

Green Car Reports, 4/28/22, California considers refocusing EV incentives toward low-income “gasoline superusers”

Niskanen Center, 4/25/22, Electric vehicle subsidies are going to the wrong drivers, and we’re paying for it in carbon and cash

The Post Millennial, 4/25,22, Washington state to spend $450,000 going after gasoline ‘superusers’

Green Car Congress, 4/20/22, California “gasoline superuser” bill advances; focusing ZEV incentives on reducing gasoline use

Euro Journal, 4/19/22, California considers refocusing EV incentives towards low-income “gasoline superusers”

CNET, 4/18/22, Washington State Program Wants Gasoline Superusers to Go Electric

Fleet Management Weekly, 4/16/22, Washington State to Spend $450,000 Studying ‘Gasoline Superusers’

Auto Blog, 4/16/22, Washington state to spend $450,000 studying ‘gasoline superusers’

The Community Voice, 4/15/22, Sebastopol to adopt ban on new gas stations

Green Car Reports, 4/12/22, Could studying “gasoline superusers” be a catalyst for EV policy? At least one state thinks so

Driving, 4/12/22, Are you a gas ‘superuser’? U.S. state wants to get you to stop

Autoweek, 4/11/22, Should Other States Follow Washington’s 2030 Goal?

Inside EVs, 4/9/22, Washington State Enacts 2030 Target For Fossil Fuel Phaseout

KUOW, 4/5/22, Washington wants drivers to plug into clean cars by 2030

NW News Network, 4/5/22, Washington wants drivers to plug into clean cars by 2030 before other West Coast states

Newsmax, 4/5/22, Washington State Gov. Inslee Signs Bill to Outlaw New Gas Vehicles by 2030

One Green Planet, 4/4/22, Washington State Moves to Ban All Gas-Powered Cars by 2030

Deseret News, 4/4/22, ‘It’s now or never’ on climate change action, official warns

The Post Millenial, 4/3/22, Gov. Jay Inslee signs Washington state bill to ban most non-electric cars by 2030

Kiro 7, 4/2/22, A year after veto, Gov. Inslee signs pledge to end sale of new gas-powered cars by 2030

Fox 13, 4/1/22, Washington state sets 2030 goal to phase out gas cars

Connect CRE, 4/1/22, Washington State Aims to Set Deadline for Electric Cars

The Seattle Times, 4/1/22, WA sets 2030 goal to phase out gas cars

The Independent, 4/1/22, Washington state just made America’s most ambitious plan for electric vehicles

The Daily Wire, 3/31/22, Washington State Plans To Outlaw Most New Gas Cars

Gear Junkie, 3/31/22, Washington State Signs Nation’s Earliest Gas Car Ban Into Law

RDN: Repairer Driven News, 3/30/22, Washington & Ohio legislators look toward EV future with new & proposed laws

The Blaze, 3/29/22, Washington enacts plan to ban non-electric cars by 2030

Clean Technica, 3/29/22, Washington Could Ban Internal Combustion Cars By 2030

CarScoops, 3/29/22, Washington State Governor Signs Bill To Ban Sale Of ICE Cars By 2030

Seattle Medium, 3/29/22, Vehicles in Washington

Wards Auto, 3/29/22, Washington State Adopts Nation’s Earliest ICE-Phaseout Target

Dan Farber/Legal Planet, 3/28/22, Washington State Steps Up

The Detroit Bureau, 3/28/22, Washington Bans Sale of New Gas-Powered Vehicles After 2030

Independent Journal Review, 3/28/22, Washington State Lawmakers Move Ahead With Bill to Only Allow Sale of Electric Vehicles by 2030

NGT News, 3/28/22, Governor Signs Washington State Climate Bill Focused on Transportation

Autobody News, 3/28/22, Clean Cars 2030 Signed into Law in Washington State

GM Authority, 3/28/22, State Of Washington To Ban Gas-Powered Vehicles By 2030

KGMI, 3/28/22, Governor Inslee signs $17 billion transportation package

Patch, 3/28/22, New Target Set For Electric Cars

The Hill – Changing America, 3/28/22, Washington state sets target to end gas car sales by 2030

The Spokesman-Review, 3/28/22, An electric vehicle future is on the horizon – here’s how it could affect Spokane

NBC News, 3/26/22, Washington state plans to ban most non-electric vehicles by 2030

Grist, 3/25/22, The state that wants to end gas car sales by 2030

Electrek, 3/25/22, Washington passes bill to target all EV sales by 2030 – for real this time (Updated)

Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine, 3/23/22, Washington state legislature passes 2030 target for gas vehicle phase-out

Electrive, 3/21/22, No new combustion vehicles in Washington State by 2030

Future Car, 3/20/22, Washington State Attempts to Ban Gas-Powered Cars Again

AutoWeek, 3/18/22, Washington Takes Another Stab at Banning Gas Cars

Green Car Reports, 3/17/22, Washington State aims to end gasoline car sales by 2030, really this time

Seattle Times, 3/16/22, Which cities have the most gas ‘superusers’ and how Seattle ranks

Inside EPA, 3/15/22, Novel Washington 2030 ZEV Target Touted As Boost to California Rules

Repairer Driven News, 3/15/22, Washington & Minnesota see future of EVs differently

KGMI Radio, 3/14/22, Matthew Metz: Electric Cars in Washington State

Green Car Congress, 3/14/22, Washington state legislature approves $16.9B transportation package; targeting all new cars to be electric with MY 2030

Utility Dive, 3/14/22, Washington legislators again mandate 100% electric new car sales by 2030

Smart Cities Dive, 3/14/22, Washington legislators again mandate 100% electric new car sales by 2030

GeekWire, 3/11/22, Washington state lawmakers go big on EV battery charging, scale back near-term rebates

NGT News, 3/11/22, Washington Targets 2030 as Year to End New Gasoline Vehicle Sales in State

Electrek, 3/11/22, Washington passes bill to ban gas car sales by 2030 – for real this time?

GeekWire, 3/9/22, As gas prices soar amid ban on Russian oil, will more drivers move to electric vehicles?

Holland Sentinal, 2/24/22, Richard Killmer: Support in Michigan for electric vehicles

The Seattle Times, 2/14/22, Gov. Inslee’s $7,500 electric car rebate remains uncertain in WA Legislature

Route Fifty, 2/7/22, Why Fully Transitioning Municipal Fleets to Electric Vehicles Isn’t Easy

The Environmental Law Reporter, 2/1/22, EV Incentive Policies Should Target Reducing Gasoline Use

The Well News, 1/21/22, Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Will Help With EV Adoption but More Must be Done

2021 Coltura Press

Clearing Up, 12/10/21, EV Advocates Charging Up for Second Run at 2030 Goal

Podcast: The tipping point: the age of OIL is on the VERGE of collapse

Clean Technica, 12/7/21, Is The Oil Age Finally On The Verge Of Ending?

Inside EVs, 12/7/21, Is The End Of Fossil Fuel Cars Really Coming?

Interesting Engineering, 12/1/21, A New Poll Says the US Supports the Electric Vehicle Transition by 2030

Autobody News, 11/30/21, Poll Shows U.S. Majority Support for Urgent Transition to EVs

Electrek, 11/29/21, US voters support all-EV sales by 2030, but governments and automakers are way behind

Inside EVs, 11/29/21, Poll Shows US Majority Support For Urgent Transition To EVs

AutoSpies, 11/29/21, At What Price? Recent Poll Says Voters Want A Rapid Transition To EVs

Green Car Reports, 11/28/21, Poll: US majority supports EV transition by 2030, and there’s “generational urgency” behind it.

Clean Technica, 11/24/21, Coltura Poll: US Voters Support Full Transition To EVs By 2030

NPR, 11/20/21, Giving up gas-powered cars was a fringe idea. It’s now on its way to reality

ValuePenguin, 11/17/21, 55% of U.S. Voters Support Full Transition to Electric Cars by 2030

URJA Daily, 11/17/21, New York Voters Support Full Transition to Electric Vehicles

Environment Leader, 11/17/21, CA and NM Voters Support Full Transition to Electric Vehicles by 2030

The Capitolist, 11/16/21, Poll: Florida voters support electric car transition by 2030

Energy News Network, 11/16/21, Poll: Majority of Massachusetts drivers expect to own electric vehicle soon

NPR, 11/15/21, The age of gas cars could be ending

Everett Herald, 11/15/21, Editorial: County jumpstarts its switch to electric vehicles

Clean Technica, 11/12/21, World Leaders: Phase Out Sales Of New Gas Cars By 2030

Real America News, 8/23/21, Gasoline superusers: who are they and why is it so important for them to invest in electric cars

Norsk elbilforening, 8/22/21, Ny rapport: USA må få storforbrukerne over på elbil for å nå klimamål

Washington Monthly, 8/20/21, Let’s Redistribute Tax Incentives to Buy Electric Cars(Op-Ed)

The Guardian, 8/17/21, This town is the first in America to ban new gas stations – is the tide turning?

Sierra Club, 7/30/21, ICYMI: Not-So-Great Salt Lake, Goodbye Glyphosate & Subs Vs. Salmon

The New Yorker, 7/28/21, We Love You, Alberta—Just Not Your Tar Sands

Car Buzz, 7/26/21, 10% Of US Drivers Use Almost A Third Of All Gasoline

Forbes, 7/25/21, Electric Cars In The Heartland: Gas Guzzler Owners Won’t Convert Until This Happens

cnBeta, 7/24/21, Coltura发布“汽油超级用户”报告:10%美国司机消耗了1/3燃油

Autoblog, 7/23/21, New report suggests EV incentives aimed at gasoline ‘superusers’

CNET Roadshow, 7/23/21, Gasoline superusers: Only 10% of US drivers burn almost a third of the gas

Ford Authority, 7/22/21, Study Shows Why Ford Super Duty Owners Will Not Go Electric Anytime Soon

Green Car Reports, 7/21/21, Report: 1 in 10 drivers burn nearly a third of US gasoline

Green Car Congress, 7/21/21, Coltura: Federal & state EV policy & incentives must target gasoline superusers to achieve carbon emissions goals

Transport Evolved (YouTube), 7/21/21, How To Break Gasoline SuperUsers’ Pickup, SUV Gas Habit

E&E News, 7/21/21, Report counters previous research on EVs and climate

Planetizen, 6/14/21, Innovative Road Funding Pilot Program Advances in California

Wired, 5/20/21, All Those Electric Vehicles Pose a Problem for Building Roads

Planetizen, 5/19/21, A Green Governor Vetoes Electric Vehicle Legislation

The Daily World, 5/18/21, Inslee explains veto of 2030 target for electric vehicles

Washington Examiner, 5/17/21, Daily on Energy: Inslee Vetoes Gas-Powered Car Ban

TechCrunch, 5/17/21, Policy corner

E&E News: Wash. axes nation’s first all-EV-by-2030 plan

The Seattle Times, 5/15/21, Inslee vetoes 2030 target for electric vehicles set by Washington Legislature

Green Car Congress, 5/14/21, Washington governor vetoes legislation mandating all-electric new LDV sales by 2030

Utility Dive, 5/14/21, Washington Gov. Inslee rejects legislature’s effort to set 100% EV goal for 2030

KIRO (TV), 5/14/21, Gov. Inslee vetoes measure to end sale of new gas-powered cars by 2030

The Stranger, 5/14/21, Slog: Inslee’s getting veto-happy

Electrek, 5/13/21, WA Gov. Inslee vetoes 2030 gas car ban, citing road usage fee concerns

Repairer Driven News, 5/13/21, Inslee vetoes Wash. 2030 EV text, calls goal ‘too important’ to be conditional on road use charge

The Guardian, 4/30/21, Biden faces pressure to drive gasoline and diesel cars out of the US

The Hill, 4/30/21, Governors pressure Biden to nationally phase out gas, diesel cars

Crosscut, 4/30/21, Cascadia needs cleaner fuels to trim carbon emissions by 2030

The Seattle Times, 4/29/21, Planning for the electric-vehicle future is smart policy

Whitman Wire, 4/29/21, Washington state may phase out new gasoline cars beginning in 2030

Ellensburg Daily Record, 4/27/21, Editorial: Legislature takes some bold steps

Electrek, 4/27/21, New York State 2035 gas car ban passes through legislature, onto Cuomo

The Fuse, 4/26/21, As EV Costs Decline, Policy Aims To Accelerate Transition

MotorTrend, 4/26/21, The Auto Industry and EVs: Where We Are and What’s Coming Next, After Years of Crying Wolf?

The Driven, 4/26/21, Honda to target 100% electric sales in US by 2040

KPQ (Radio), 4/25/21, State Legislature Passes Several Contentious Bills As Session Comes to End

Puget Sound Business Journal, 4/22/21, It’s time to remove restrictions on electric vehicle sales in Washington

The Next Web, 4/22/21, 12 US states call for Biden to ban combustion cars from 2035

Forbes, 4/22/21, Electric Vehicles Could Be The Norm By Earth Day No. 75

KHQ (TV), 4/22/21, What’s a green job? Lisa Brown says Spokane is home to thousands of them and you might not even know it

Inside Climate News, 4/22/21, Inside Clean Energy: Some Straight Talk about Renewables and Reliability

KFLD (Radio), 4/22/21, More on WA ‘Ban’ On New Gasoline Vehicle Sales After 2030

Sequim Gazetter, 4/22/21, How our lawmakers voted

KATU (TV), 4/21/21, Governors, including Brown, Inslee, urge Biden to commit to zero-emission goals by 2035

Electrek, 4/21/21, 12 US governors ask Biden for all new vehicle sales to be 100% zero-emission by 2045

JD Supra, 4/21/21, Foley Weekly Automotive Report

The Driven, 4/21/21, Washington State moves to ban sales of new fossil fuel cars by 2030

Car Buzz, 4/21/21, Washington State Prepares To Ban ICE Cars

Car Buzz, 4/20/21, General Motors May Not Ditch Combustion Engines After 2035

LA Times, 4/20/21, An Earth Day message for California: Move faster on climate change

Nisqually Valley News, 4/20/21, How They Voted: Electric Vehicles by 2030 Mandate

GreenCar Reports, 4/19/21, Study: All new US vehicles can be electric by 2035, saving households $1,000 annually

KING (TV), 4/19/21, Washington could ban new gasoline cars by 2030

Grist, 4/19/21, Washington zooms ahead on EVs

KGMI (Radio), 4/19/21, State Rep. Alex Ramel on electric cars and more….

KPQ (Radio), 4/19/21, Washington State Nearing Future Gas Powered Vehicle Sale Ban

Muscle Cars and Trucks, 4/19/21, Washington Announces Electric Vehicle Mandate by 2030

AutoEvolution, 4/19/21, Washington Becomes the First to Ban Gas Cars, California Gets Second Place

KIRO (TV), 4/19/21, State lawmakers pass bill that could phase out gas car sales by 2030

KOMO (TV), 4/19/21, Lawmakers OK bill with goal to phase out new gas vehicle sales in Wash. state by 2030

KGMI (Radio), 4/19/21, Bill setting a goal of all electric cars by 2030 goes to governor

The Detroit Bureau, 4/19/21, Washington State Banning Sale of Gas, Diesel Vehicles After 2030

Auto Evolution, 4/19/21, Washington Becomes the First to Ban Gas Cars, California Gets Second Place

CSP Daily News, 4/19/21, Washington State Lawmakers Pass Bill Phasing Out Gasoline

HypeBeast, 4/18/21, Washington State to Ban New Gas Vehicle Sales by 2030

Engadget, 4/17/21, Washington state votes for goal of banning new gas car sales by 2030

The Verge, 4/17/21, Washington state lawmakers vote to phase out gasoline cars by 2030

Car and Driver, 4/17/21, Washington State Plans to Ban Sales of Gasoline Cars after 2030

CleanTechnica, 4/17/21, Washington Sets Most Aggressive Gas Car Ban Yet

The Auto Channel, 4/17/21, Nutson’s Weekly Auto News Review

Inside Hook, 4/17/21, Washington State Bill Sets an Ambitious Deadline for the End of Gasoline Car Sales

The Everett Herald, 4/16/21, Editorial: Bills’ merger makes clean-driving future possible

Business Insider, 4/16/21, Washington state sets 2030 target date for banning the sale of gas-powered cars

AutoWeek, 4/16/21, Washington Races Ahead of California to Ban Gas Cars

Kelly Blue Book, 4/16/21, Washington State Moves to Ban Gasoline Cars…Sort Of

Ford Authority, 4/16/21, Washington State Passes Bill With Targeted 2030 ICE Vehicle Ban

The Truth about Cars, 4/16/21, Washington Wants to Become First State to Ban Gasoline Powered Cars

The Next Web, 4/16/21, Washington state effectively bans gasoline vehicles from 2030

E&E News, 4/16/21, Wash. Advances Nation’s Most Aggressive All-EV Plan.

Jalopnik, 4/16/21, Washington Might Be The First State To Ban Gas Cars

Green Car Congress, 4/16/21, Washington state legislature passes law establishing setting MY2030 target for 100% electric new LDV sales

Green Car Reports, 4/16/21, Washington State sets 2030 end date for gasoline vehicle sales: Most aggressive in the US

GM Authority, 4/16/21, Washington State Looking To Phase Out Gasoline Powered Cars By 2030

Autoblog, 4/16/21, Washington state passes bill seeking end of gasoline car sales by 2030

Modern Tire Dealer, 4/16/21, Washington State Sets Aggressive EV Deadline

Repairer Driven News, 4/16/21, Wash. bill requires electric cars by 2030 if ‘road usage charge’ widespread

Ratchet and Wrench, 4/16/21, Washington Passes Gas-Powered Vehicle Ban

AutoSpies, 4/16/21, Washington State Bans Fossil Fuel Vehicle Sales By 2030

Hindustan Times/HT Auto, 4/16/21, This US state to ban petrol and diesel cars as early as by 2030

Washington State Wire, 4/15/21, Washington State passes law establishing 2030 target for phasing out gasoline vehicles

Fast Company, 4/15/21, Washington State plans to phase out new gas cars by 2030

Reuters, 4/15/21, Washington state passes bill with goal to phase out gasoline cars

MyNorthwest, 4/16/21, Washington solidifies goal to end sale of new gas-powered cars by 2030

The Energy Daily, 4/16/21, Washington OKs nation’s most aggressive EV transition

KNKX (Radio), 4/15/21, Washington sets ambitious goal: All new cars sold will be electric by 2030

Electrek, 4/15/21, Washington State bans gas cars by 2030 – the earliest in the US

The Everett Herald, 4/13/21, State can lead the switch to electric vehicles (Op-Ed)

The Olympian, 3/31/21, Clean Cars 2030 will help us transition to a livable future (Op-Ed)

CleanTechnica, 3/21/21, “Clean Cars 2030” Targets 2030 For Phasing Out Gasmobiles In Washington State, 5 Years Ahead Of California!

The Spokesman Review, 3/22/21, Beggs charging ahead with electric vehicle ordinance

The Columbian, 3/14/21, Support passage of climate initiative (Op-Ed)

Energy News Network, 3/10/21, Yes, our electricity grid can support an electric vehicle future (Op-Ed)

Inside EVs, 3/7/21, Washington State Proposes Gas Car Ban By 2030

The Columbian, 3/7/21, Editorial: Electric-vehicle bill is an important small step

Eco RI News, 3/5/21, Local Efforts Underway to Boot Gas-Powered Cars

Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine, 3/1/21, Washington raises the stakes with California, proposing to phase out gas cars by 2030

The Everett Herald, 2/26/21, Editorial: Goal or mandate, encourage move to electric cars

E&E News, 2/26/21, Greens Press Biden for Swift Action on Tailpipe Standards (Read the letter here)

Bloomberg Law, 2/25/21, EV Boost Must Cover Environmental Justice, Advocates Say

Jalopnik, 2/24/21, Washington State Legislative Committee Aims For Ambitious EV Adoption Mandate In Nine Years

Autoweek, 2/24/21, Washington State Bill Aims to Mandate EV-Only Sales by 2030

Electrek, 2/23/21, Washington state advances bill to ban gas cars by 2030, one-upping California

The Suburban Times, 2/23/21, Clean Cars are my future (Op-Ed)

Green Car Congress, 2/23/21, Washington State House Committee advances legislation mandating all-electric new LDV sales by MY 2030

The Center Square, 2/22/21, Washington Democrats, GOP pave way for gas tax fight on long road to transportation budget

Bainbridge Island Review, 2/20/21, Ambitious Plan (Op-Ed)

Kitsap Sun, 2/19/21, Changing the status quo on what we drive (Op-Ed)

The News Tribune, 2/19/21, Let’s set a deadline, Washington: Make all new vehicles electric in next 10 years (Op-Ed)

The Hill, 2/17/21, Driving toward a 2030 phaseout of gas cars in Washington state

PBS (TV), 2/8/2021, Gas Powered Vehicle Phase Out

KXLY (TV), 2/4/2021, New bill could require electric-only cars be sold in Washington

Utility Dive, 2/3/2021, As GM gives ‘huge’ boost to EVs, states vary in advancing supportive policies, reports find

Road Show, 2/3/2021, Gas-powered cars face 2030 ban in new Washington state legislation

The Hill, 2/3/2021, Washington state bill would require all new cars be electric by 2030

ABC News, 2/3/2021, Washington state may require all new cars sold be electric by 2030

Green Car Congress, 2/1/2021, Washington state legislature considering bill mandating all-electric LDVs after MY 2030

Green Car Reports, 2/1/2021, Washington State bill would make new cars and trucks all-electric by 2030

KIRO (Radio), 2/1/2021, Local organization pushes WA bill that would mandate electric cars by 2030

KUOW (Radio), 2/1/2021, Washington lawmakers consider shifting all new car sales to electric-only by 2030

The Urbanist, 2/1/2021, Macri Bill Proposes Banning New Fossil Fuel Cars in 2030

2020 Coltura Press

MyNorthwest, 10/28/20, Poll indicates growing concern over climate change among Washington voters

The Mercury News, 10/9/20, How gas car phaseout boosts beyond-gasoline movement (Op-Ed)

Environmental Leader, 10/7/20, Majority of Washington Voters Support Full Transition to Electric Cars by 2030

KNKX (Radio), 9/28/20, Impact of California Gov. Newsom’s 2035 Gas Car Phaseout Executive Order on Washington State

CleanTechnica, 8/17/20, States Can Require New Vehicles Sold Within Borders To Be Electric

Green Car Congress, 8/14/20, Coltura: Supreme Court precedent means states can require all new vehicles sold be electric

Wiki.EZVid, 7/10/20, 5 Helpful Resources For Those Interested In Electric Cars

The Urbanist, 5/14/20, Ban New Gas Stations and Require Cleanups to Tackle the Big Polluter on the Corner

Crosscut, 3/10/20, WA lawmakers pave the way for electric cars, but activists want more

The Seattle Times, 3/9/20, Automakers required to sell more electric vehicles under new legislation in Washington state  

Bloomberg Law, 3/9/20, Washington Lawmakers Pass California Zero Emissions Vehicle Plan

Investigate West, 3/9/20, Electric Cars Get a Boost in Olympia but Broader Climate-Rescue Legislation Withers

KIRO (Radio), 3/8/2020, Fight for a ban on gas-powered cars will continue in 2021

KIRO (Radio), 3/5/20, Matthew Metz, Why We Should Ban Gas-Powered Cars

American Bar Association Journal, 2/27/20, 7 ways lawyers can join the fight to curb climate change (Op-Ed)

The Urbanist, 2/26/20, Why Washington Should Require All New Cars Sold in State to be Electric By 2030

E&E News, 2/14/20, Gasoline car bans: EV savior or ‘stupid’ idea?

The Seattle Times, 2/5/20, Banning gas cars? It’s a ‘fringe crazy bill’ no longer

Business Wire, 1/15/20, Washington State Moves Closer to Clean Cars with Key Electric Vehicle Bills Advancing in Legislature

2019 Coltura Press

Washington State Wire, 12/10/19, Regulation is key to reducing transportation emissions (Op-Ed)

Mobile Movie Making, 11/27/19, Music Video Calls for a Gasoline-Free World

The Michael Killen Report (TV), 10/19/19, Transportation Market: Trend to Remove Oil from Transportation Sector, Electric Vehicles

The Mercury News, 9/24/19, Trump attacks California, clean cars and clean air (Op-Ed)

The Seattle Times, 9/18/19, Washington to join California in fighting Trump administration’s attack on state vehicle-emission rules

The Seattle Times, 9/18/19, Rollback of air-pollution rules hurts health, climate and consumers (Op-Ed)

Government Fleet, 5/7/19, Washington State to Conduct EV Analysis for All Public Fleets

The Everett Herald, 3/31/19, Giving a boost to zero-emission vehicle sales (Op-Ed)

San Francisco Examiner, 3/7/19: Gas cars may soon be as obsolete as horse-drawn buggies

KING (TV): 3/5/19, Bill would require more electric vehicles in Washington

The Seattle Times, 3/1/19, Jay Inslee’s presidential pitch is that everything is awesome here. Just don’t look too closely

The Everett Herald, 2/15/19, Editorial: State should recommit to electric vehicle fleets

The Suburban Times, 2/15/19, Legislation Requires New Publicly-Owned Vehicles to be Electric Beginning in 2023

Rubber & Plastics News, 2/15/19, Washington bill would require state, local fleets to be 100% electric

2018 Coltura Press 

Planetizen, 9/18/18, Phasing Out the Internal Combustion Engine No Easy Task

KRON San Francisco (TV), 9/13/18, Gas Ghosts at Global Climate Action Summit

Univision San Francisco (TV), 9/13/18, Gas Ghosts at Global Climate Action Summit

Washington State Bar Business Law Section, Fall 2018, Recharge Required Summary Recharge Required

The Everett Herald, 6/13/18, Editorial: Local governments ignoring law on electric cars

The Spokesman Review, 6/4/18, Getting There: Other Washington cities show more progress in fleet electrification than Spokane

Statescoop, 6/4/18, Without enforcement, Washington state falls short on EV adoption goals

AP Wire, 6/4/18, Report: Local governments not meeting electric car goals

KUOW (Radio), 6/3/18, Gas Guzzling Cities Blow Past Deadline for Electric Vehicles in Washington

The Seattle Times, 6/3/18, Washington law ordered public agencies to buy electric cars. They’re falling short, report says

KGMI (Radio), 6/1/18, Seattle group criticizes Bellingham government for not following electric vehicle law

CleanTechnica, 6/1/18, Why Washington Is Violating Its Clean Car Legislation

Green Car Reports, 6/1/18, Washington State electric car credits expire, agencies miss mandates

Government Fleet, 5/31/18, Report: Wash. Agencies Aren’t in Compliance with EV Rule

CleanTechnica, 3/20/18, Why California Needs AB 1745

2017 Coltura Press

KZFR (Radio), 1/30/18, Zero Emissions 2040

InMenlo, 12/18/17, Menlo Park is the launch site of the No-Gasoline movement

Crosscut, 11/20/17, Let’s put a stop to bus pollution (Op-Ed)

Seattle Magazine, 11/17/17, New Georgetown Protest Mural Takes on Climate Change, South Seattle Air Pollution

KIRO (Radio), 10/4/17, Advocate wants to force out gas cars in Washington in 2030

The Mercury News, 10/4/17, Yes! ban sales of gas fueled vehicles in California by 2040 (Op-Ed)

The Seattle Times, 9/29/17, He knows it’s crazy, but this Seattle guy is pushing a total ban on gas cars

Vancouver Is Awesome, 9/7/17, Gas Trap: Bursting the carbon bubble

The Georgia Straight, 8/29/17, The Gas Trap takes a dramatic look at the consequences of gasoline use

San Francisco Chronicle, 8/8/17, California should phase out gas-powered cars (Op-Ed)

The Olympian, 8/6/17, Washington Should Lead in Phasing Out Gasoline (Op-Ed)

KNKX (Radio), 5/31/17, This Inflatable Bubble Fills With Smoke. What Happens Next Is Art, Or A Guilt Trip

Capitol Hill Times, 3/6/17, Green Neighborhood Revolution

2016 Coltura Press

The Stranger, 9/17/16, Can Performance Art Fight Climate Change?

The Seattle Channel (TV), 9/16/16, Art Zone: Matthew Metz, Coltura Gas

KOMO (Radio), 9/9/16, “Gasoline Ghosts”

The Seattle Times, 9/6/16, Seattle street clowns aim to provoke smiles, change hearts on gasoline use