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Please Support An Award-winning Charity Fighting Air Pollution

We are laser-focused on phasing out gasoline in the US.

We need all the help we can get to fight gasoline and the huge impact it has on air pollution.

Your donations support our team’s work around the clock to educate, advocate, and create real change in our society. Every bit helps. Please make your tax-deductible contribution today!


Coltura fights air pollution by helping more and more people escape from “the gas trap”.

The gasoline that fuels cars isn’t just creating a climate catastrophe, dependence on it causes serious financial strains on many American families.

We are on a mission to change that.

We do this by engaging in ground-breaking research on gasoline and advancing policies that help America transition to clean cars in time to fight the worst effects of climate change.

Why Donate to Coltura?

Coltura was the first organization to call out gasoline consumption as undesirable and anti-social.

In the same vein as the anti-smoking campaign, we are promoting a cultural change against gas through a highly effective mix of art, media and policies.

Limiting gasoline use will improve our health and climate, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, result in savings particularly for disadvantaged families, boost the American economy and create jobs.

Limiting gasoline use is a BIG win in the fight against air pollution.

Air Pollution and Gasoline Facts

  • More Americans die each year from vehicle emissions (58,000) than from vehicle crashes (38,000) or secondhand smoke (41,000).
  • Every gallon of gas burned emits 20 pounds of carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas that is the main driver of climate change.
  • The transportation sector is the biggest source of carbon emissions in the United States.
  • Overloading the earth's atmosphere with carbon dioxide is causing warming land and ocean temperatures resulting in more severe storms, droughts and other weather events. In 2017 alone, these types of natural disasters cost the nation $306 billion.
  • Vehicle emissions also account for 80% of smog-causing air pollution in California. They increase risks of asthma, heart and lung disease, dementia and cancers – especially in children and for those who live near busy roads or commute long distances.
  • On average, every tank of gas burned costs $18 in health and climate costs.
  • Americans spend billions of dollars per year on gasoline to power their vehicles, much of which goes to OPEC countries instead of into our own economy.
  • Although the adverse health, climate and economic impacts from gasoline are enormous and there are now viable alternatives, the vast majority of vehicles in the U.S. are gas-powered.
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