June 27, 2017


Alyssa is a theatre and movement artist currently based in Seattle. She graduated from Cornish College of the Arts in 2015 with a BFA in Theater and a concentration in Original Works. Recent credits include A Great Hunger (On the Boards), Christmas is Burning (Café Nordo), and To Savor Tomorrow (Café Nordo). She is currently in collaboration with Jeffrey Fracé and an ensemble of diverse artists to develop Nightswimming, a new original theatre-dance-opera and is excited to tour her original performance of “The Gas Trap” with Coltura this summer.
March 20, 2017


Art is Coltura’s secret weapon in the fight against fossil fuels. We create symbiotic relationships with environmentally conscious artists from around the globe and proudly display their work in our Coltura art collection (www.coltura.org/art). For the month of March, we are thrilled to feature the work of Sophia Trinh, a Vietnamese American painter who blends sketching, watercolor, and natural plant materials to create stunning images that remind us of the beauty we seek to protect by living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.  Previous featured artists are painter Lucas Paints and photographer John Lewis. If you are an environmentally conscious artist and want to have your work featured on Coltura.org/art, email mnm@coltura.org.
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