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October 20, 2023 @ 12:00 pm 1:00 pm


How Azure unlocked game-changing insights into gasoline consumption and EVs

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For more than a century, gasoline has been the indispensable lifeblood that most Americans rely on to move between work, school, shopping, and myriad other destinations. Americans consume 35% of the world’s gasoline – far more than any other nation.

Yet, despite gasoline’s immense significance in our daily lives and economy, our understanding of gasoline consumption has been limited to broad national or state-level aggregates. This lack of detailed data has, in turn, stymied the ability to craft tailored strategies to reduce gasoline use as fast as the climate crisis requires.

Coltura has gathered gasoline consumption data for the entire nation in unprecedented detail and is preparing, with the help of Azure, a new report illuminating qualitative and quantitative insights on the gasoline use patterns and expenditures of American families. The report quantifies the enormous financial burden of gasoline on millions of American families, and provides detailed data on the factors driving ultra-high gasoline consumption.   

Please join Coltura for a sneak peek into the report’s new findings and a tribute to Azure’s role.


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