June 14, 2020

Coltura Paper Accepted at World EV Symposium

In a critical step toward meeting vehicle emissions reduction goals, today, California adopted the Advanced Clean Cars II program (ACC II), a common-sense approach to cutting climate and air pollution by requiring that all new cars sold in 2035 and beyond are zero-emission vehicles. It sets enforceable standards for the rate at which automakers must convert their offerings to electric and provides certainty for other EV market players concerning the timing of electrification.
May 15, 2020


Burning gasoline in our cars and trucks is the biggest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for most cities and states. Many local jurisdictions are working to reduce transportation GHGs. Most are using metrics that don’t necessarily correlate to gasoline use, such as electric vehicle adoption, vehicle miles traveled, transit ridership and bike lane additions.
June 2, 2019


Coltura was the first organization to publish an op-ed in 2017 calling for California to phase out sales of new gasoline-powered vehicles. Shortly after our op-ed was published, Assemblymember Phil Ting introduced the Clean Cars 2040 Act, and Coltura helped form and lead a coalition to support its passage.
September 18, 2018

100% Zero – Solutions to Achieve Universal Zero-Emission Vehicle Adoption

This report resulted from a convening with regulators, advocates, experts, and other stakeholders in California’s zero emission vehicle industry, organized by UC Berkeley School of Law’s Center for Law, Energy and the Environment (CLEE) and sponsored by Coltura.
Recharge Required Report
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